Sunday, October 29, 2006

131 - Halloween

Historical Halloween

1. Historical Halloween
A concise history of the Halloween holiday from the History Channel. You can trust the veracity of this article based on the History Channel's archives of impeccably researched programs on such topics as Amityville, and Roswell. (sarcasm)

Virtual Pumpkin

2. Virtual Pumpkin
Avoid the mess and stink of Jack-o-Lantern carving by visiting this online pumpkin cutter.

Witches Bread

3. Witches Bread
Fungus infected crops in Salem caused people to experience convulsions, hallucinations, and psychosis which were interpreted by the population as witchery. Maybe.

Favorite Haunts

4. Favorite Haunts
Enter your state and find a Haunted House near you.

Haunt Your House

5. Haunt Your House
101 ideas and projects to do for Halloween, like roasting pumpkin seeds and solving mazes.


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Anonymous said...

did you know that today's post was posted twice?
also, congrats on your re-gift exclusive cigar box guitars.
also also, if you don't sell that peter lorre drawing by the end of the year, i'm sending you more cash in the mail.
(you did get the cash i sent right?)
and another thing, i was at a meeting with other science teachers when one asked me about my christopher-made button, "relief".
"what does that mean?"
"my friend is an artist..."
[eyebrows raised] "really? it doesn't look like he's a very good one."
everyone's a critic/asshole.