Thursday, February 1, 2007

226 - Mooninites

The Bomb

1. The Bomb
The city of Boston came unhinged after the discovery of a handfull of mysterious electronic circuit boards covered with LEDs stuck to the sides of buildings and under bridges yesterday. Traffic was diverted and the bomb squad was called in to destroy these "suspicious" devices at a cost of upwards of half a million dollars.

Not a Hoax

2. Not a Hoax
Anyone with even the tiniest amount of knowledge about circuitry (the Boston bomb squad, for instance) should have been able to see that these items were not bombs. In fact they were nothing more than glorified LED Throwies.

Guerilla Marketing

3. Guerilla Marketing
No one ever intended a bomb hoax as Governor Deval Patrick has suggested. These lights were part of a marketing campaign for the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie put together by marketing agency Interference Inc who co-opted the artistic, anti-advertising light display concept created by The Graffiti Research Lab.

'Incriminating Evidence

4. Incriminating Evidence
Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens, contracted employees of Interference Inc, were arrested for their part in the instalation of the devices. They were most likely implicated because Berdovsky posted video online of himself and Stevens sticking them up onto anything they could reach with a long pole.


5. Responsibility
Turner Broadcasting, the parent company of Cartoon Network, is apparently accepting responsiblity for the ad campaign, going so far as to air a public apology during their popular Adult Swim programming., not during Aqua Teen, though.

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Anonymous said...

it appears that ebay has taken down that auction.
maybe the devices have been confiscated under the patriot act as evidence of a terrorist plot to get commie college kids to watch cartoons at night.
everyone knows that good americans watch their cartoons on saturday morning.

Christopher said...

I updated the link with some working auctions, but they will probably be deleted as well.

Did you see the two dudes after they were released on bail speaking to the press? They are dumbasses. It seems unlikely that they will actaully go to prison, but one of them is in the U.S. on a political refugee visa of some kind and will almost certainly be deported. Did you see his "artist portfolio" website? He sucks.