Friday, February 16, 2007

241 - with Links!

I Hate Oprah

1. I Hate Oprah
This guy really hates Oprah. I actually feel sorry for her. In my opinion, Oprah has spent her entire career trying to improve her self image. For decades she has been trying out all the new fad diets and self-help programs, falling for the scams, and then preaching about them to her hoards of devoted followers. A few months later when the false feeling of hopefulness has worn away, she finds the next Wayne Dyer or Atkins Diet and the whole cycle starts over again. Earlier this week it was psychics and today it is The Secret again.

Cash Machine Scam

2. Cash Machine Scam
How scam artists can steal your credit card information by attaching equipment to ATMs and how you can try to protect yourself from them. This is from the awesome British television program The Real Hustle. Be sure to stay tuned for Kick Ass Miracles.

Andre the Drunkard

3. Andre the Drunkard
Modern Drunkard Magazine's profile of the greatest drinker of all time, the Eighth Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant.

How Cold Could It Really Be

4. How Cold Could It Really Be
While trying to tell viewers how freaking cold it is in Cleveland, news reporter, Jon Loufman is repeatedly interrupted by a fat dude dancing around in his underwear.

6 Million Dollar Dolphin

5. 6 Million Dollar Dolphin
Japanese zoologists and Bridgestone Tire manufacturers have developed a prosthetic tail for a dolphin with out one of her own. They didn't spend 6 million bucks, but £42,000 is still a lot of money.



Anonymous said...

Oprah could easily buy her own island and make herself into a cyborg. She wouldn't need to diet then, and she could fly women who apparently enjoy being scammed in. Then she can brainwash into doing the scam diets and reading scammy authors while listening to scamming celebrities talk about their new scam of a movie/tv show/record and after that she can have scamming-ass "therapists" and "doctors" and "coaches" come in and sell sell sell!!! The best part about all of it is, it wouldn't be on TV anymore. Please Oprah, put your money toward the good of humanity.

rachel said...

we had our debit card number stolen in that manner when we lived in L.A. we noticed something was up when there was a $200 charge at a cigar store in the valley.