Saturday, February 3, 2007

228 - No Whammy!

Michael Larsen

1. Michael Larsen
In 1984 a part-time ice cream truck driver was a contestant on the popular game show, Press Your Luck.

Press Your Luck

2. Press Your Luck
Prior to his appearance, Michal Larsen had spent weeks studying tapes of the show in order to memorize the patterns of lights that moved across the prize board.


3. Simon
By playing what essentially amounted to an elaborate game of Simon, Larsen eventually won over $100,000 dollars in his only game show appearance.


4. Aftermath
Sadly, Larsen managed to lose most of his winnings in various get rich quick schemes before his last $40,000, which he kept in stacks of one dollar bills, was stolen from his home.


5. Hollywood
This story was the perfect setup for a movie and in the early 2000's, writer and director, Howard Franklin, had Bill Murray attached to star. Apparently the project never came out of development. in 2003, a documentary about Michael Larsen's life and his incredible run on Press Your Luck aired on the Game Show Network.



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my sunday ends in 5 hours (bedtime.)
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Christopher said...

I give and give and give. All you do it take.

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Christopher said...

I completely lack the ability to proof read my own writing. The problem might be something psychological. Maybe something akin to dyslexia. It also might be laziness. I'm not really sure. Your help is appreciated; just don't make me feel stupid about it.