Friday, February 23, 2007

248 - Google!

Find a Tattoo of a Weasel

1. Find a Tattoo of a Weasel
Today's post will include my favorite google searches that have led visitors to this site. Even though I think it is pretty funny, I won't include all the suckers that come here looking for The New Paris Hilton Sex Videos.

2. "The Secret" Positive Thought Christian
My criticism of The Secret has really brought in a lot of viewers. Unfortunately, the majority of them are looking for the Christian angle on the subject. I doubt most of them care about the bad science for which "The Secret Crew" is responsible. I mean, come on, six days, virgin birth, talking snake, etc.

Operation Mincemeat

3. Sweet Operation Mincemeat
By far, the largest number of google searchers that end up here are looking for images relating to Operation Mincemeat. Maybe because google images only supplies two pages of results. The real question is; why do so many people want to see pictures of a dead body after it has been recovered from the sea. Sickos!

Awesome Magician in Grocery Store

Christian Art Prints with Hidden Messages and Cows

Christian Art Prints with Hidden Messages and Cows
This is my favorite one by far, and the one which made me think to compile this list. I see all of these topics gathered around the site so I understand why google sent this poor guy here, I just can't figure out what in the hell he might have been really searching for.



arch stanton said...

where in blogger does it let you see how people got to your site?
do you have a second party counter or something?

Christopher said...