Saturday, February 24, 2007

249 - with Links!

Toyger Fever

1. Toyger Fever
Cat breeders have finally come up with a housecat that has the features of a wild man-eating animal. It is about time!

Backgrounds Background

2. Background's Background
After falling in love with the default background on his new Windows XP computer screen, Nick Tosches spent over a year tracking down the exact location where the photograph was taken. Spoiler: It is just west of Toronto in the Burlington suburb of Kilbride.


3. Econoline
1. click the free option at the bottom of the page
2. wait for the countdown to reach zero
3. download the rar file
4. unpack the rar file using a program like winrar or a free alternative
5. burn the MP3s to a CD in the numbered order
6. print out the CD envelope (cut, fold, glue)
7. rock

Sick Notes

4. Sick Notes
In my experience, the best excuse notes are the vaguest. Try something like "Please excuse Johnny." Bang! That's it. Direct and to the point. Making up excuses makes you seem weak.

Naked Ladies

5. Naked Ladies
The voice of reason in Arizona wins a battle for American freedom by beating down a proposed law meant to ban "obscene" images on mud flaps.



arch stanton said...

a nostalgic tear coursed down my cheek as i completed my download of your latest mixtape.
thank you.

Christopher said...

I'm glad someone is getting some use out of that. Does the rapidshare system seem too confusing?

arch stanton said...

it seemed pretty straightforward to me.
i had no trouble with it.