Tuesday, February 13, 2007

238 - Monkey Tuesday

Bean Shower

1. Bean Shower
A bunch of Japanese people got together and pelted the gorillas in the Tokyo Zoo with roasted soybeans in an attempt to make the gorillas "live healthy and long lives and that the females and males get along better in order that they produce more gorillas." Seems reasonable to me.

I'd Hammer in the Morning

2. I'd Hammer in the Morning
Researchers working in West Africa's Ivory Coast have recently discovered what could be considered evidence that chimps maybe possibly could have used stone tools to crack nuts as long as 4,300 years ago.

Technically Not really Monkeys

3. Technically Not really Monkeys
Who is better; the classic seamonkey, or the new kid on the block, the triops? Join the debate.

Things Are Tough All Over

4. Things Are Tough All Over
Baby colobus monkey, Sokojoo, got kicked out of the house because her mom was sick to death of listening to the nonstop hiccupping.

Monkey Big Brother

5. Monkey Big Brother
If you think this is a good idea, just wait until you see next year's Weakest Monkey Link and Monkey Fear Factor.


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