Thursday, February 22, 2007

247 - with Links!

The Best Name They Could Come Up With

1. The Best Name They Could Come Up With
Morning Whitey, care for a peanut?

And the Plague Spreads

2. And the Plague Spreads
Rachel Ray is taking over the world. Some people would like you to be carefuller about which shows you watch.

Sweet Sweet Fuhrer

3. Sweet Sweet Fuhrer
If there are two things that Croatians love best, they are pure cane sugar, and genocide.

Good Forgiving People or Ignorant Saps?

4. Good Forgiving People or Ignorant Saps?
Ted Haggard charged a bunch of people a lot of money to tell them that homosexuality was wrong. Meanwhile, he was patronizing a male prostitute. Now those same people are giving him even more "financial support" to help him get back on his rich, rich feet.

Bus Ball

Bus Ball
Like most of the coolest things in the world, the coolest Volkswagen Bus is owned by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.



Anonymous said...

One hundred-and-thirty-thousand a year, and just for lying! Where can I get a job like that? Haggard should run for office, he seems
good at non-truths

Christopher said...

Where can you get a job like that? follow these steps:

1. Hate yourself
2. Start telling people that the very thing you hate about yourself is a sin that should be illegal
3. Keep doing that thing in your spare time
4. While you're at it, do some meth amphetamines, just for bonus points
5. ?
6. Profit!