Tuesday, February 27, 2007

252 - Monkey Tuesday


1. Lucky?
A disembodied foot found in a Virginia garbage dump that was originally thought to belong to a human, was then confused for an ape's, has finally been determined to have come from a bear. This confusion is "probably more common than people realize," says the local sheriff.

Home Improvement

2. Home Improvement
Little Joe, the gorilla, escaped from his enclosure and rampaged through Boston before being recaptured. Three years later he is being reintroduced to his adoring public after a complete redesign of his cage to make it a little more escape proof.

Dawn of Man

3. Dawn of Man
The defining line between man and animal is getting thinner and thinner. Researches recently observed Chimps sharpening spears and using them to skewer bush babies as a food gathering technique.

Bigfoot & Unicorn

4. Bigfoot & Unicorn
Two great cryptids that taste great together.

Look at 'em Go

5. Look at 'em Go
Keepers at the Lowry Park Zoo are using hot monkey love as a promotion for their new R-rated after hours zoo tours.



rachel said...

there's a funny typo in that R rated monkey story.

"Zoos charge about $50 per person for the tours, and crowds are kept deliberately inmate."

I think it was supposed to be "intimate"

but zoos do kinda have inmates, ya know? like, the animals.

I have been watching a bunch of Karl P. videos at youtube. I never thought of looking it up until you linked to one the other day. brillant.

arch stanton said...

is it just a coincidence that nanna's latest post uses the phrase, 'hot monkey love'?
detective jd on the case!

Christopher said...

You might use your detective skills to notice that "hot monkey love" is also right in the title of the article.

arch stanton said...

really, i do not have any detective skills.
i just happened to check that blog for the first time in about a year and a half the other day and that phrase stood out.