Thursday, May 31, 2007

345 - Over-reaction

Curfew: Enforced

1. Curfew: Enforced
Tasha Scott of New Haven Connecticut, was taught a lesson about sneaking out after curfew when her father, an off duty police officer, mistook her for a prowler as she re-entered the house through a basement window. People talk a lot about the right to shoot an intruder in your home, but I'm pretty sure there has to be a legitimate threat of bodily harm before you are allowed to start firing.

Dinner is Served

2. Dinner is Served
Carl's Junior and Hardees are suing Jack in the Box over a commercial that they claim is defamatory, even though it never mentions them by name and only suggests, never specifically states, that angus beef is somehow related to beef anus.

Funny Money

3. Funny Money
Who has never seen a two dollar bill? Well apparently Best Buy employees and the Baltimore police, who arrested Mike Bolesta for attempting to pay for his car stereo installation with, what they assumed was, counterfeit currency.

Dinner is Served Again

4. Dinner is Served Again
The customer is always right. Remember that the next time a guy wants a bunch of extra chili sauce and you'll hopefully avoid being shot several times in the arm.


5. Deke
I can't even summarize this story so I'll just list some keywords. Attack Dog. Outdoor Slumber. Police Brutality. Fictitious Fugitive. Moped.



A A Circuit City Employee said...

Good thing Mike Bolesta didn't pay Best Buy with Susan B Anthony dollars coins.

He might have been bit on his hands, back, neck and face by a dog, and then severely beaten by three policemen with fists, knees and a flashlight.

Christopher said...

What is this "Susan B Anthony dollar" you are talking about?

a witt said...

I love that the police spokesman says, "It's a sign that we're all a little nervous in the post-9/11 world." What?! I think it's much more a sign that a lot of Americans are more than a little stupid.

Christopher said...

It should be noted, in that police officer's defense, that this incident actually happened a few years ago when people were still blaming everything on 911.

Mother to child, "Young man, if you don't eat those lima beans, then the terrorists have won!"

arch stanton said...

what the hell is a mini-moped!?

Christopher said...

There is a lot of confusing between the terms moped and scooter, and articles like this are notorious for getting the details wrong, so a mini-moped could refer to just about anything. I'm guessing it was one of those cheap plastic pocket bikes they sell at Pepboys, but in my heart, I'd like to think it was one of those tiny dirt bikes like Dignan rides in Bottle Rocket.

arch stanton said...

kids ride those on the busiest streets in town here.
sometimes they do so in gangs of twenty or so.
not all on mini-bikes.
some are on dirtbikes or atv's.
oh yeah, we live in a damn CITY.