Saturday, May 12, 2007

326 - with Links!


1. Scantron
Choosing "C" as the standard answer on a scantron test really isn't always the best idea, especially when the test you are attempting to pass is made exclusively of true or false questions.


2. Controversy
Adult Swim gives you six pilots for new shows to preview. They expect you to vote for your favorite and, presumably, the winner will make it to air. Mysteriously, there are only five choices on the poll. Who is so biased against Lowe Country?


3. Pushies
Don't let anybody push you around.

Call Me

4. Call Me
Does anyone know the legality of posting someone's personal information on the internet? It can't be legal to publicize someone's phone number, can it? Regardless of the legal question, this guy really, really wants his camera back.

Reapers Revived

5. Reapers Revived
Rumor has it that MGM has green-lit a new movie based on the long canceled Showtime series Dead Like Me. I think most fans of the show would agree that it was less successful after creator, Bryan Fuller, was removed from the project so unless he is involved in the movie, I have reservations. On top of that, reportedly, Stephen Herek is on board to direct. Unfortunately, his directorial track record (with the notable exception of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) is pretty dismal.


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