Thursday, July 20, 2006

030 - with Links!

Mickey Spillane: Dead 1. Mickey Spillane: Dead
"I'm not an author, I'm a writer." And a really good one at that. However, Stacy Keach was not a good Mike Hammer.

The United States Postal Service really doesn't get enough credit. My favorite delivered item: a twenty dollar bill in a transparent envelope.

Combination 3. Combination
A mostly mathematical technique for "recovering" the combination of a Master Lock. I put recovering in quotes because most people will probably use this skill to steal things.

Researchers prove a connection between male physical aggression and the relative length of middle and ring fingers.

Feats of Strength? 5. Feats of Strength?
Certified Gripper King, Clay Edgin demonstrates the proper method for tearing a phone book in half. Don't be impressed. Anyone can do it.



Anonymous said...

grip training?
pinch strength?
it never ceases to amaze me how much stupid shit ends up being called "sport".
do these people think that frying pan rolling is going to be in the olympics some day?
it's not bridge, that's for sure.
also, isn't "live strong" copywrited?
and another thing, i'm sure i heard about that finger length thing in 7th grade.
does it have something to do with penis size too?
let's ask this 12 year old smartass.
finally, did you sell any guitars?

arch stanton said...

oh yeah, here's my entry for this weekend: