Wednesday, July 12, 2006

022 - with Links!

1. Syd Barrett: Dead
One time my friends and I watched The Wizard of Oz while listening to Dark Side of the Moon. When the Pink Floyd album was done, A Faith No More record came on the CD changer. That worked out pretty well too. That was the only time I ever listened to Pink Floyd.

Easily make your own clip art comic strips like this one.

3. Crazy Skull
After being electrocuted, the blood vessels in this guys head stopped supplying blood to the bones of his skull. Eventually, his skull died and fell apart. I guess that's the whole story. He's fine now. Don't bother clicking the link.

Clear and detailed directions for making a tiny trebuchet that you can bring with you to the tiny Renaissance Faire.

5. Hot Club de Paris
Another English band without an album doing well. Sorry about the myspace business, I guess it is just an easy way for these guys to get some MP3s out.



Anonymous said...

1992 called, they want you to bring back the "[blank] called" jokes.
i'm with them.

fame called, it has never heard of that skull guy until now.
myspace called, they want better ease of use and a less stupid interface. (52 errors in opening the page)
you called, i appreciated it and it was good to hear your voice.

don't run out of steam too soon, this site is the only reason i get out of bed in the early afternoon.

rachel said...

the zombies called. they want you to stop trying to crash their honeymoon.