Sunday, July 30, 2006

040 - with Links!

Blind Steven Seagal 1. Blind Steven Seagal
Did anyone know that Steven Seagal was a bluesman? I sure didn't. This website seems to be devoted to his recordings. His singing is surprisingly above mediocre. And if he is playing guitar, then he is above mediocre at that too.

I assume there is a sexual kink involved in seeing your favorite film actors playing dead bodies. If this seems hot to you, check out this guy's overly thorough index of actors and the movies in which they were dead. I prefer to see my least favorite actors.

Grow a Chair 3. How to Grow a Chair
Arborsculptor, Richard Reames, tells about his methods of shaping and grafting trees into living sculptures. The title is misleading as there is very little talk of chairs.

Three Coca-Cola employees charged with stealing Coke's secret recipe and trying to sell it to Pepsi. In related news: Coke's secret recipe is available to anyone with an internet connection.

It Is Official 5. It Is Official
God hates ipod users.



Albinocrow said...

Found your blog thru esty forum as I was posting your blender lamp as one of the grooviest ideas under 'Inventions' thread. I clicked on very few of your blog links as I just might be here all day, topics are just way too interesting....hey, and you promote other etsians too...far out!
~AC aka Saraphina

arch stanton said...

i love albino crows!
tell saraphina that i love those things.
i've seen an albino skunk in the wild but that's it (as far as albinos go.)
anywho, i agree with her about your blog and your etsy offerings - keep it up, dude.
love, jd