Wednesday, July 5, 2006

015 - with Links!

1. The Perils of Cloning
A very interesting and rare article about the inherent problems with cloning that has nothing to say about the "ethical" implications.

I was at this nature preserve on Monday. There were thousands and thousands of large herons and egrets. They were pretty far away, but thankfully, the park has an observation area with a public telescope. Too bad their website sucks.

3. Dog Skull and Crossbones
A nice screenprinted t-shirt from Molly McB and Company.

Dr. Grammar may be dead, but his website lives on. Listing common grammatical errors and how to correct them, the Dr. keeps a healthy attitude about the evolution of languages. My favorite: The subjunctive case.

5. Immigrant Song
A little bit of nostalgia. Here's some old school Rather Good animation by Joel Veitch featuring viking kittens and led zeppelins.



arch stanton said...

posting anonymously is my SIGNATURE, man!
don't you forget it.
by the way, your websites are intrigueing might like mine at

rachel said...

"large herons"?? I am nerdily scoffing at your lack of specificity while also being jealous.

Christopher said...

Due to the format I've developed, I have a limited amount of space in which to write my comments. I unfortunatley, could not provide every detail about this santuary.

Luckily, I linked to a website, that has more room to specify the varied breeds of herons and egrets that you didn't see. That website also has some interesting facts about the birds. For instance, The black-crowned night heron wears white underpants.

An intesting fact that isn't on the website. These birds (surprisingly to me) roost in trees. There were so many of them shitting the place up, that they killed most of the trees. Without the living roots holding the soil together the islands started to erode. The Plainfield Park District (or somebody) built artificial trees on the islands from old railroad ties. Now a bunch of birds roost on the railroad ties.

Another interesting fact; I was looking through the telescope and exclaimed, "Whoa, there's some babies. Wait, maybe those are ducks. Yeah, those are just ducks."