Saturday, July 8, 2006

018 - with Links!

1. Kobayashi
I guess this is old news by now, but he did it again. Takeru Kobayashi broke his own record at the annual Coney Island Independence Day hot dog eating contest by eating nearly 54 dogs in 12 minutes. This year Kobayashi had his first real challenger in newcomer, Joey Chestnut who downed 50 dogs.

Apparently, the Charlotte, NC city council is obligated to give equal speaking time to anyone that asks for it. I have a feeling this guy is a regular speaker, as they welcome him kindly by name, before he starts freaking out.

3. Dust Artist
Everyone that ever wrote "wash me" on the back of a dirty car should feel really bad about himself.

This really isn't an intelligence test. It relies heavily on acquired knowledge. It is a good way to waste some time, though. I correctly answered 13 out of 18, making me "very intelligent."

5. Dollar Dining
Some of the information is a little out of date. I was at the dollar store yesterday and noticed they have a "frozen and dairy section." Still, this article contains some good tips on grocery shopping on an ultra low budget.



rachel said...

my IQ must be about 55 because I only got one of those right, and it was about satan.

Anonymous said...

i didn't know that about the american hot dog eater.
kobayashi had better not slack off on his training.
you should link to a story about how i saw a 35mm print of robocop tonight.