Tuesday, July 18, 2006

028 - Monkey Tuesday

Drunks Don't See the Monkey 1. Drunks Don't See the Monkey
Researchers got a bunch of people drunk and then showed them a video which featured a guy in a gorilla suit. 82% of the drunks didn't even notice the guy in the gorilla suit.

A monkey and an ape go on their honeymoon in this ancient novelty recording by Collins and Harlan.

Bonobo Plays Ms. Pacman 3. Bonobo Plays Ms. Pacman
I'm calling this a bonobo even though I'm not sure. It could just be a weird looking chimp. In any event, it chooses to play Ms. Pacman rather than regular old Pacman. It would be really awesome if it was playing Donkey Kong.

The funny thing about this novelty email system is that it is presented by Career Builders, an online resource for posting resumes and finding jobs. Be advised that "Monk-e-mails created are not private messages and can be viewed and played by others on the internet."

Story Time 5. Story Time
Double monkey linoleum print. Number one in an edition of twenty from Karin Bolstad.


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Karin said...

I know it's like months later, but I just found that you posted my work on your site! I was wondering why it got so many hits!
Thank you, I appreciate it - and I'm bookmarking your site. Fun links man.
Karin Bolstad