Sunday, July 23, 2006

033 - with Links!

Shoe Lace Configuration 1. Shoe Lace Configuration
Ian has collected hundreds of different methods of tying his shoes and decided to share them with the hordes of undearr 18 skateboarders who have to be different than everyone else even when it comes to tying their laces

Take eight pictures with just one click of the shutter release. This may seem like a waste of time to you. . .

Inlay 3. Inlay
You might suspect that I am not a big fan of wearing jewelry. That doesn't stop me from admiring this wood and silver ring designed and handmade by James Roadman.

No one like to take surveys, but this one is different. You will be disgusted by taking it. Don't be fooled by the first few questions. It gets bad fast.

Toynbee Tiles Revisited 5. Toynbee Tiles Revisited
I found instructions on making the Toynbee Tiles I spoke about once. Now if I can just get my hands on a bunch of free linoleum.



Anonymous said...

would you rather touch this fluffy kitty or maggot infested gums?
i don't think i'm really that squeamish, i would probably touch all of that stuff if i thought it would satisfy my child-like curiosity.
also, that toynbee thing is a little weird.
what is the draw to carry out that legacy?

Christopher said...

I like the idea of a weird joke that doesn't have a punchline.

I also like that the prankster will probably never have the satisfaction of watching anyone read the tiles.

If I made similar tiles I doubt I'd make a connection to the Toynees because there is some vieled racism associated with them. I'd just make a huge mural of a dragon fighting a wizard.

I saw some graffiti once in a bathroom stall that said:
Bobby Kennedy
Rest in Peace
It was recently written and weird.