Saturday, May 26, 2007

340 - Major Tom

1. Major Tom

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Christopher said...

I'm trying to think of a good movie, which would be suitable for an audience of all ages, to pair with The Taking of Pelham 123. I was considering some other train movies, but they are all lame. Any suggestions?

arch stanton said...

MILLIONS - train robbery money ends up in the hands of a crazy kid.
i haven't seen it but i've heard it's good.
THE INCIDENT - i haven't seen all of it but it seems to be set entirely on one subway train. two drunken hoodlums hold the passangers captive while they berate and intimidate them.
STRANGERS ON A TRAIN / THROW MAMA FROM THE TRAIN - one's a classic hitchcock movie and one has mama fratelli in it.
THE LADY VANISHES - another great hitchcock movie (rachel thought of it)
INTO THE ARMS OF STANGERS - super depressing movie about jewish parents sending the kids away from the encroaching horror of the holocaust.
BACK TO THE FUTURE 3 - you get it
TERROR TRAIN - haven't seen it and it's probaby not a general audiences film
THE GENERAL - not great for showing off your surround sound
ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST - this is my favorite western. several scenes set on a train and it's about the railroad expansion. great henry fonda role as a despicable baddie.
MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS - another one i haven't seen but looks entertaining.
GOLDENEYE - i'm pretty gay for remington steele and this is a blast of a 007 movie. i seem to recall some important developments set on a train.
SILVER STREAK - one of the pryor/wilder vehicles the features a train. i can't separate their movies in my mind so i don't remember how good this is.
WHITE HEAT - begins with violent train robbery and features the immortal jimmy cagney line, 'i'm on top or the world, ma!'
DARK DAYS - set in subway tunnels. (from rachel)
SEVEN PERCENT SOLUTION - i don't know about the movie, but the book has an exciting train chase.
THE STATION AGENT - not a whole lot of actual trains and may not be suitable for general audiences but a good movie nonetheless.

arch stanton said...

why don't you post my suggestions?
did you get them?
if not, that sucks because i worked semi-hard on that list!
semi-hard isn't really what i wantedto say there...

Christopher said...

While I appreciate the work you did, all these train movies suck. I think Pelham is an awesome movie that people should see but they have never heard of it, and unfortunately, people don't like to see movies they've never heard of. I need a companion movie that will draw people in. A sort of sugar to Pelham's medicine.

People keep telling me I need to show recent movies so I was considering Spike Lee's Inside Man, which might be thematically similar plus it has an all star cast. I'm not sold on the idea though, because, in general, I'm not a fan of Spike Lee movies.

Christopher said...


You didn't just say "semi-hard"

you said "semi-hard on"

arch stanton said...

your words crush like boulders...
you know that those movies don't all suck.
you mean they're not appropriate for what you want to do.
if you're not going to be nice about the work i did for you, you can shove it.
semi-hard on indeed.

Christopher said...

Quote: "While I appreciate the work you did..." so wipe your tears.

I should also clarify. I'm only projecting wide-screen movies from now on. It really limits me from showing some awesome older movies, but 1.33:1 just isn't as impressive to look at on the screen and it forces me to re-position the projector when switching between ratios.