Sunday, May 13, 2007

327 - Nightline Face-Off


1. Ray and Kirk
So the Nightline debate between Ray Comfort/Kirk Cameron and the Rational Response Squad took place earlier this week and no one seemed to really care. Both sides have claimed victory. In fact, they both might be correct.

Brian and Kelly

2. Brian and Kelly
The Rational Responders clearly won the actual debate. It should be noted that this whole event was suggested by Ray Comfort. On a previous episode of Nightline, Mr. Comfort stated that he could prove the existence of god without the need for faith or reference to the bible.


3. Face-Off
Almost immediately, Ray Comfort loses the debate by references the bible. His only real non-biblical argument is the painting-must-have-a-painter-proof. Of course this argument falls apart when you ask, "If everything must have a creator, then who created god?"


4. Concession
When asked if they would like to respond to this counter argument, Ray and Kirk shrug their shoulders, sigh, and say no. In my mind, this is a concession. If they had not lost the debate before now, then this is certainly the end. When Kirk finally does respond, he begins by using the words "we believe," again defying his side's own edict to avoid using personal belief during the debate.


5. Part One and Part Two
But in the end, Ray and Kirk probably did win. Nightline aired their sermon to millions of people that had previously probably never heard of The Way of the Master. This in itself is a major victory for them. On top of that, the segment which aired on the actual television broadcast seemed to be heavily biased in favor of the theists. They were given considerably more screentime, and Martin Bashir's introduction is, perhaps subconsciously, quite condescending to the rational responders.



~Dawn said...

Have you heard much response from people online about the Nightline show? good or bad?

Christopher said...

It seems like the high profile atheist sites ignored the debate. I think the Ration Response Squad have kind of a bad reputation among other atheists. Likewise, any reasonable theist can see that Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron are ridiculous. So it seems like reputable people on both sides are distancing themselves from this whole thing.

Having said that, there has been a lot of talk about the debate on the blogs. Reaction is pretty much exactly what you'd expect. Fundamentalists criticize the atheists for being rude and unprofessional. Atheist criticize the theists for being morons. So basically, business as usual.

Your brother Scott said...

I’m not a Fundamentalist, but after watching the show I thought Kelly was rude several times. Then I went to “The Rational Response Squad” web site and listen to their free podcast. I think they are smart but they reminded me of frat boys on spring break. They were sarcastic and dismissive. Plus while they are trying to promote truth and freedom of fear of religion they use pseudo names.

While Ray and Kirk used moronic examples and politician speak to not answer directly, they were at least polite and respectful.

I also went to “The Way of the Master” web site. Of course they have a store page. I assumed this would be how Kirk Cameron replaced his Growing Pains income. I was surprised that the prices are not ridiculously excessive. Maybe they are not the typical greedy religious bastards getting rich off of insecure people. Instead they are just misguided bastards trying to push their beliefs others.

But I am willing to bet they are receiving a salary from the television and radio shows.

By the way, Croc Duck? What kind of moron would use that as an anti-evolution argument? And to bring pictures!