Friday, May 4, 2007

318 - Colorized


1. Blindness
See if you can follow what is going on in this card trick video. Don't worry, the secrets are revealed at the end.


2. Whatsits
Upload a photograph and find out its average color as well as ten complimentary colors. This is a very useful tool for building a design based around any image, especially nice for website construction.

Color - Match

3. Color - Match
Photoshop has so much awesome stuff going on that it must be impossible for anyone to know about all of it. I wish I knew about this color match tool a long time ago. It basically forces one photograph to use the color palette of another. James Delaney of Unfocused Brain uses it to make his digital photos look like classical paintings.

Red Team

4. Red Team
Use both hands to control two different characters. This game is difficult enough, but add in the violent red color scheme and it makes it hard to look at as well. I gave up after level four.


5. Separation
The first commercially available color films, Kodachrome and Exakta, were developed in the 1930s. However, French and Russian photographers were experimenting with color as early as 1872 with startling results.



Mike EgoCock said...

Thanks for the Photoshop tips, those are both new to me too. I will now proceed to abude them mightily.

arch stanton said...

i only noticed two color changes.
but i did guess how they did the card trick.
i'm not too stupid, i suppose.

arch stanton said...

your link submit thing doesn't seem to be working right now.
i really like the redesign!
new k-mart?
anyway, i really got a kick out of most of these:

arch stanton said...

aw shit.
apparently boing boing posted the something awful grindhouse posters link 10 minutes after i sent it to you.
oh well, it's still a good one.
we just got back from hot fuzz.
it was pretty sweet!

Christopher said...

You're right about k-mart. This shot was taken just before demolition commenced. There's a Jewel there now.

I constructed a pinhole camera out of a scavenged disposable camera and a piece of an aluminum can a while ago. A few of the pictures came out a little fuzzy. The rest came out really, really fuzzy. I made a new, smaller pinhole which should result in crisper photos, but I haven't tested it out yet.
You can see the three most interesting ones here

I'd like to change the photo and colors twice a month or so. I'm thinking of asking photographers to submit their images in exchange for links to their websites or whatever. Anybody reading this have any good shots?

Christopher said...

Oh yeah. The submit form should be working again. And perhaps a little more smoothly than before.