Saturday, May 19, 2007

333 - Filthy All Request

Turbo Boost

1. Turbo Boost
The UK's most reputable newspaper, The Sun, has found evidence of at least one man that enjoys the romantic company of automobiles.

How to Make Love to a Car or Other Vehicle

2. How to Make Love to a Car or Other Vehicle
Things You'll Need:
- Desire in the first place!!!!
- Vehicle you fancy
- Privacy and warm enough space
- Any sheaths that will help
- Appropriate ramps if needed
- Blankets,carpet,cushions for comfort depending on positions
- Imagination

Sodomy? Bestiality? Animal Cruelty?

3. Sodomy? Bestiality? Animal Cruelty?
In a miscarriage of justice, a Michigan man faces the possibility of serving a fifteen year prison term even though his offense, having intimate relations with a dead dog, is not officially against the law.

Kelly Christine Spaich

4. Kelly Christine Spaich
And in "Hot for Teacher News" another attractive woman was busted for allegedly seducing one of her sixteen year old students. It seems like 28 is the age when most of these women get involved with these young boys. Any psychologists that want to write some kind of paper on this phenomena are welcome to use that fact as a jumping off point.

Whose Butt?

5. Whose Butt?
Look at a rear end and try to guess which celebrity to which it belongs. Be aware that the option for Liv Taylor is really supposed to be Liv Tyler.


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