Wednesday, May 9, 2007

323 - with Links!

Elephant Legs

1. Elephant Legs
Mandy Sellars, suffers from Proteus Syndrome, the malady assumed to have affected Joseph Merrick, more popularly known as the Elephant Man. However, Ms. Sellers' affliction seems to be contained only in her legs, which have grown to enormous proportions. She isn't planning to have her legs amputated anytime soon, but seems optimistic about the things she'll be able do when that eventually occurs. Snowboarding, para-gliding , and white water rafting.

Do You Really Have to Be in It To Win It?

2. Do You Really Have to Be in It To Win It?
Chris Ong, the smartest guy that ever worked at a newsstand, put his name on the claim form, and collected approximately $574,000 from a winning lottery ticket that actually belonged to a pair of his customers. To avoid prosecution, he fled Australia and returned to his native Indonesia, where presumably half a million dollars will go a long way.

Who Is Going To Clean Up This Mess?

3. Who Is Going To Clean Up This Mess?
Possibly the world's greatest Rube Goldberg device built from hundreds of items found around the house.


4. 120MPH
I've never really understood how driving a car powered by electricity which is most likely produced in coal or oils burning power plants could be more environmentally friendly than just driving a traditional vehicle. Anyway, if I had a spare $108,000, I'd buy this car in a second.

Loose Screw

5. Drastic Actions
If you are planning a murder/suicide, then that is dramatic enough, you really don't need to cut your own head off with a chainsaw.


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