Monday, May 7, 2007

321 - with Links!


1. Nothing
My standard answer, when asked what I want for Christmas, is usually "nothing." And I'm not just trying to be polite, I'd normally rather not receive gifts. Thanks to the producers of this product, I won't really be able to say that anymore.

Mystery Hill

2. Mystery Hill
A lot of towns seem to have these mysterious hills on which local legend claims your car will roll uphill. Usually, it is some phantom civil war soldiers or children killed on a railroad track that are said to push your car. This guy shows you the truth of why it appears that your car defies gravity.

Leave It To Tivo

3. Leave It To Tivo
Modern freeze-frame technology reveals exactly what was contained in the letter Ward received about the Beaver's bad behavior in school.

Digital Delay

4. Digital Delay
I don't know shit about Imogen heap, but I know I love this Andrew Bird-esque performance using on the fly looping and absolutely no instruments.

Hee Yah

5. Hee-Yah vs Yee-Hah
I also wanted to tell you about John Schneider's original Dukes General Lee and how he sold it for $10 million.



arch stanton said...

i'm all about imogen heap!
i have noticed though that some of her stuff (hide and seek and others) may be considered derivative of laurie anderson's.

on a side note...
after having seen this performance, i am now convinced that imogen heap grew up in a tennenbaum-esque family.

Christopher said...

When exactly did you become a girl hippie?

arch stanton said...

i didn't know that imogen was a hippie and i don't even like laurie anderson!
so, i guess, sometime last year...

Christopher said...

Let me know when Lilith Fair starts up again.

P.S. I found this. I can't tell if it is in earnest or if it is supposed to be funny.