Thursday, May 24, 2007

338 - Zombie

Zombie Land

1. Zombie Land
In attempt to appeal to audiences ranging from zombie fans, to skateboarders, to little kids, to metal heads, Urban Squall has produced an online video game which doesn't really appeal to anyone.

Hell's Ground

2. Hell's Ground
"An ultra-gory horror yarn of zombies, teens and burqa-wearing, flail-wielding backwoods psychopaths. Burqas?" That's right. It's Pakistan's first horror film.

Zombies on a Plane

3. Zombies on a Plane
And then there's this upcoming movie, Flight of the Living Dead, which combines aspects of Dawn of the Dead and Snakes on a Plane. I actually think it looks pretty good. Don't confuse it with Scott Ewen's comic book of the same name.


4. Canadians
But the upcoming zombie movie which has the best chance of making it to your local cineplex is Fido, a comedic social satire wrapped in the trappings of a horror movie.

Endless Zombie Rampage

5. Endless Zombie Rampage
In contrast to Zombie Land, the creators of this game are trying to appeal to only one audience; people who like to shoot things and look at lots of pixelated blood spurts.



arch stanton said...

i've seen a couple of print ads for fido.
i'm not sure that will make it to theaters though.
what'd you think of 28 weeks? (not really zombies)

arch stanton said...

i hate to say it, but that zombies on a plane looks like shit.
i'm obliged to see zombie movies that suck though, so i guess i'll pre-order it now...