Tuesday, May 22, 2007

336 - Movie

Drive-way Drive-in

1. Drive-way Drive-in
Your weekly invitation to a night of movies under the stars, on an oil stained slab of slightly tilted concrete.


1968 brought about the birth of the "voluntary" Hollywood rating system. A few things have changed over the years, NC-17 appeared when the adult film industry finally got a monopoly on the letter X, and you might be surprised to see that PG was original called GP. Of course PG-13 turned up in 1984 to keep 12 year olds from seeing Red Dawn.

Melton Pocket Movie Viewer

3. Melton Pocket Movie Viewer
The fifty-five year old portable media center.


4. Barbarella
Robert Rodriguez has signed on to direct the new Barbarella movie. So Kate Beckinsale is probably out. Carla Gugino or Salma Hayek are good bets right now.


5. Countdown
Running down from one hundred to one with movie clips. How many can you recognize?



arch stanton said...

how'd you do?

Anonymous said...


Christopher said...

79, nine of which were educated guesses.

arch stanton said...

i didn't count ones i wasn't absolutely sure of.

Christopher said...

I just treated it like a test, writing down the answers and then checked them against the list.

some guy who is related to you said...

47 with 1 close

Temple of Doom instead of Lost Ark

Do I get partial credit for being close?

I don't think I did too bad because 20 of them I have never heard of.

a witt said...

Remember those portable viewers that Disney made, where you could turn the crank yourself, or project it onto the wall? I still have both setups, and a bunch of cassettes. I think.