Wednesday, August 23, 2006

064 - with Links!

Get Human 1. Get Human
The Get Human Project is a collection of virtually every company that might offer phone support and the secret codes they use to skip over their phone menus and speak to an actual person. Personally, I'd rather speak to a computer, but I know a lot of normal people might like this information.

I was reading these instructions on how to build your own solar cell and I thought, "Why doesn't everyone make these?" Then I read "To run a 1,000 watt stove, you would need 800 square meters of cuprous oxide, and another 800 square meters of plain copper." Oh.

Sock Wars 3. Sock Wars
If you know how to knit, this looks like a pretty cool way to spend your time. I couldn't even figure out how to freaking crochet.

"Melissa Midwest" is offering $100,000 to the hottest girl that will come live with her for a year and have a bunch of naked pictures posted on the internet. If these internet girls make $100,000, how much do their pimps/boyfriends make?

Corrector, Correct Thyself 5. Corrector, Correct Thyself
Creators of spellchecking software, TextTrust, had to re-issue a recent press release due to spelling errors.


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Anonymous said...

i've only been away from the internet for a couple of days and you started using pr0n links?
come on now...
it makes the disney google ads seem especially creepy.