Thursday, April 5, 2007

289 - with Links!

Solar Eclipse

1. Solar Eclipse
This is a really awesome video of the moon passing in front of the face of the sun. From Earth the moon and sun are virtually the same size. This video, however, was filmed from the Stereo-B, a satellite/spacecraft in orbit around the sun.

The Bishop

2. The Bishop
Why haven't I heard about this unibomber-esque guy sending threatening letters and poorly constructed pipe bombs to the nation's financial institutions?

Operation Paperclip

3. Operation Paperclip
Would we have ever made it to the moon without the assistance of Wernher Von Braun and other Nazi scientists? America today might be an entirely different place had it not been for their influence. Plus, isn't Operation Paperclip an awesome codename? If you can't ignore the illuminati bullshit, the Wikipedia entry has most of the same information.


4. Jackalope
The creepy, disgusting symptoms of a virus lead to the legend of the Wyoming thistled hare.


5. Smurf
Amperestunde, jetzt diese ist sehr sehr das Smurfing gut.


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Anonymous said...

The large group referred to as "Illuminati" is quite real and quite "religious" (so to speak,) however, the theories about them are quite outlandish.
Please don't write off certain facts just because some decide to twist them into bunk conspiracies.