Tuesday, April 10, 2007

294 - Banjo/Guitar

Player Band

1. Player Band
The Ragtime Automated Music Company makes full on, computer controlled, acoustic, multi-instrument jukeboxes. Everything from calliopes to full calypso style orchestras.

Feuding Banjos

2. Feuding Banjos
At 210 to 220 beats per minute, Todd Taylor sets the record for worlds fastest banjo playing.

The Bluegrass Force

3. The Bluegrass Force
It's a little bit sloppy, but Safety Pants gets the point across by playing John Williams' Star Wars Theme southern style.

Primitive My Ass

4. Primitive My Ass
Beautiful, world class guitars and banjos made from tins, lunch boxes, kitchen ware, and cigar boxes.

The Spoon

5. The Spoon
Combination slide and fretted guitar playing using a spoon in an unusual fashion.



arch stanton said...

other banjo players will be 'fretting'.
get it!?
i had a dream about you: you were trying to show me how to get the best deal at some burrito loco style restaurant and you started by ordering chicken tenders with extra sauce but hold the tenders.
i was confused.

Christopher said...

I had a dream that I got hired by the mafia. No one ever talked to me or told me what to do so I just stood around feeling uncomfortable and thinking that they all thought I was useless. Then at the funeral of the big boss, or "Don," a caterer was speaking in an inappropriately loud voice. I calmly asked his to quiet down a little bit and show some respect just in time to stop a Joe Pesci-esque character from taking him outside and "whacking" him. After that they seemed to have a little respect for me. Then, in the real world, some banging noise was starting to wake me up. At first, in my unconscious sate, I thought it was someone typing slowing on an old fashioned typewriter, then I though it sounded more like those big cha-chunking knobs that old TVs used to have. I think I was really coming from the pipes.

Jeremy said...

Eh, that is my image of the General Falcon...I guess its ok if you use it...

Christopher said...

The post contains a link to the site where your work is featured. That's really the whole point of this site, to link to things that I think are cool in an effort give them a tiny bit more exposure. If you'd rather not be included, I'll have no problem removing it.