Saturday, April 7, 2007

291 - Easter

The Rites of Spring

1. The Rites of Spring
Like most Christian holidays, Easter is really just a much older pagan holiday with the word Jesus thrown in there. Even the word "Easter" refers to Eostre, the ancient goddess of birth and new beginnings. What was the first of the ten commandments again?


2. Pseudo-Peeps
Use this recipe to make your own marshmallow peeps. For a simpler option, you can make some flat, cookie cutter peep-esque things. or go hog-wild and make these fancy pants saffron flavored meringue chicks.

Geek Orthodox Easter

3. Geek Orthodox Easter
"As Easter weekend falls upon us and you're sitting in front of a computer, you should probably come to grips with the fact that you may be something of a geek. In honor of the celebration you should be having, productdose has put together a list of products that will help you get through all of the working, gaming, or research you're doing instead of enjoying your holiday weekend."

Intent to Sell

4. Intent to Sell
It turns out that the Easter Bunny has been delivering a lot more than dyed eggs.

Solid Chocolate

5. Solid Chocolate
What did one chocolate bunny say to the other?



rachel said...

hey! you plagiarized productdose's description of their list.

Christopher said...

I put quatation marks around it! What more do you want?

rachel said...

ah, yes. sorry. I was hoping that I had found some sort of "easter egg" and was going to win a prize.