Friday, April 20, 2007

304 - Advertising


1. Reality
I'm sure everyone knows that restaurant advertisements don't do a very ethical job of depicting the reality of what is being advertised. A self proclaimed "Pulitzer-caliber project" puts the advertisers to the test with side by side comparisons. Surprisingly, the actual products from McDonald's look pretty similar to the ad photos, the KFC one is terrible. Anyone associated with it should be ashamed..

Speaking of Ads

2. Speaking of Ads
This collection of ads for novelty products from the back of vintage comic books could probably go on forever. They used to sell some really awesome stuff. One correction: Those Kryptonite Rocks weren't just painted green, they also glowed in the dark. I know, I had them.


3. Design
If you are interested in graphic design; take a look at this series of short documentaries about some of the most promising independent designers working today. I'm especially partial to the work of Andy Mueller at Ohio Girl.

Serve and Protect

4. Serve and Protect
Advising drivers to slow down via a roadside letterboard, and cheating the municipality out of revenue at the same time.


5. Classifieds
Real ads from the classified section of the newspaper. It’s like a Jay Leno segment, only funny.



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