Thursday, April 12, 2007

296 - Weed

Why is Marijuana Illegal?

1. Why is Marijuana Illegal?
A longish history of how Harry J. Anslinger, the director of the Bureau of Narcotics and newspaper magnate, William Randolf Hearst, through a campaign of greed and racism, deceived lawmakers into prohibiting marijuana usage during the 1930s NORML, the National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws, tells you some of the same information in an easier to digest, animiated clip narrated by Woody Harrelson.

Memory Loss?

2. Memory Loss?
Researchers, working under the direction of Igor Grant, MD, find that marijuana usage does not seem to any real long-term memory loss or brain damage suggesting that marijuana should be considered a treatment option for many diseases. Here's a true story that sounds like a joke: A world class pot smoker asked me, "Is it true that smoking weed causes memory loss?" I answered, "Yes. I think that's true." In all seriousness, he replied, "I must have forgotten about that."

Legalize in order to Regulate

3. Legalize in Order to Regulate
John Morgan, co-author of Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts, speaks on the positive benefits of legalizing marijuana.

Kirsten Dunst's Friend's Dad was a Pothead

4. Kirsten Dunst's Friend's Dad was a Pothead
Then here's Carl Sagan espousing philosophical on the benefits of smoking weed. At then end of the article, he looks forward to the time when marijuana prohibition will be repealed, thinking decriminalization is eminent. the article was written in 1969.

Starship Enterprise

5. Starship Enterprise
I'll leave you today with a mashup of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit and Star Trek. See Kirk and Spock and the gang get totally wasted.


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ryan said...

Good top 5. Sagan was not far off in '69. California, Colorado, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Maine, Minnesota, Ohio, and Oregon decriminalized marijuana possession in the '70s. It was recriminalized in Mississippi as a misdemeanor. Even Alaska decriminalized it in '75, but by 1990 recriminalization was voted in through a State Referendum...
Anyhow, it should be legalized fully, there is no reason for it to be illegal in a supposedly free and Capitalist country like the U.S.
The World economy would benefit, yet it seems that more money is made for the States (and the country) when marijuana is illegal and carries hefty fines, not to mention the amount of state and federal tax money that goes into keeping "drug offenders" in prisons and jails around the nation. Good points all around!!! The people here either casually forgot (possibly due to potsmoking?) or just never cared to know about the wishywashy way marijuana has been handled in the US. Even today, the worst criminal offenders are faced with lighter sentences than many drug "offenders" ... It would do the country good to have a nice "democratic" vote (in all states) about such things as marijuana laws, the federal reserve scam and the stupidity of the massive gun control and public -or private in some states - Tobacco laws.