Thursday, April 19, 2007

303 - Birthday

Happy Birthday

1. Happy Birthday Fortran
I don't really know much about computer languages, but I know that FORTRAN has the coolest name and it is 50 years old today.

Happy Birthday Kid

2. Happy Birthday Kid
I'm assuming The Giant Napkin is some kind of fake version of The Onion. Is satire good if you can't be sure whether or not it is true? I don't know.

Happy Birthday Hollywood

3. Happy Birthday Hollywood
Here's a list of all the "celebrities that were born today. I just scanned over it, but the celebritiest people I see on there are Kate Hudson, Tim Curry and some guy named Jedi.

Happy Birthday Cheetah

4. Happy Birthday Cheetah
Earlier this week Tarzan's monkey buddy, Cheetah, celebrated her 75th birthday. Cheetah attributes her longevity to a strict regimen of watching movies, painting and playing the piano.

Happy Birthday LSD

5. Happy Birthday LSD
Cheetah shares her birthday with history's first acid trip.



Anonymous said...

number 5 says "3".
i think it should be regimen instead of regiment but i'm too lazy to look it up.
we're both sorry we missed you during our (extremely) brief trip to k3.
we'll see you EVERY DAY in a couple of months when we move to oak lawn.
well, maybe not every day...

Christopher said...

freaking yuppies.

I didn't gat home until after 12 wednesday night, so I decided not to call, and I was ther again on thursday. I'm done for a couple of weeks now though.

Anonymous said...

are you going to lake havisue(sp) or some other wicked spring break party destination?
my dumbass spring break is already (practially) over, and i've spent most of it looking at houses or worrying about how i'm going to afford to live in one.
the looking is pretty fun, i must admit.
it's actually looking like we'll be making an offer on a place in chicago now.

Christopher said...

I was planning to go down to Senoir tadpole's to have a margarita made in my mouth, but it looks like I'll just be hanging around here working on geting some guitars made, doing laundry and watching movies in the outdoors.

rachel said...

for the record, we're not moving to "oak lawn". possibly oak park but never oak lawn.

it's always fun to correct the corrector.

arch stanton said...

guess how much correcting i'm qualified to do when it comes to chicago area geography?

how are you watching movies outdoors?
i'd like to get in on some of that action!
i mean, the margarita mouth, not watching movies with another dude (gay!)