Monday, April 30, 2007

314 - with Links!


1. Drive-In
Another invitation to those that know me or live near me or want to travel. The double feature on Friday May 4th will be The Day The Earth Stood Still followed by Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey. Hopefully it won't rain out.


2. Love
Intended as an learning aid for prospective heart patients, this interactive 3-D model of the human heart is pretty fun to play around with.

Four Inches Tall

3. Four Inches Tall
Although I can't find any evidence of Garth Brooks recording Tiny Dancer, I did uncover a Tim McGraw album which features a cover of the Elton John classic. Anyway, the point is this: Stop reporting on "the worlds smallest dogs" until they are at least a year old and thereby eligible to be considered fro the title.

Fake Cancer/Real Donations

4. Fake Cancer/Real Donations
I've always wondered about those donation buckets you sometimes see on the counters of fast food restaurants.


5. Mosquitotone
The world leader in innovative television commercials, KFC, is using weird high pitched subliminal noises supposedly only noticed by teenagers in their new ads. I heard it fine, and I'm no teenager.


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