Tuesday, April 24, 2007

308 - Monkey Tuesday

Loose Chimp

1. Loose Chimp
This creepy looking chimpanzee led zookeepers on a mad chase after he turned the doorknob of his unlocked cage and started hooting and hollering. The second paragraph is kind of confusing when it mentions a polar bear that was also let out. Where the hell is the polar bear?

It's a Boy... or a Girl?

2. It's a Boy... or a Girl?
The Cheyanne Mountain Zoo celebrates the birth of a baby western lowland gorilla with a photo slide show.

24 Hour Mountain Dew Binges

3. 24 Hour Mountain Dew Binges
A computer disguised as a tree teaches orangutans how to program C++

Movie Monkeys

4. Movie Monkeys
A list of the top ten monkeys in the movies is sorely missing two of history's greatest film apes, Link and A.P.E.

Exact Change Only

5. Exact Change Only
Another daring zoo escape ends badly when a loose kinkajou, hitching a ride on a Mexico City bus, attacks one of his fellow passengers.



Matt's Mom said...

What about Project X? I think Matthew Broderick is a hottie. Or what about young men from the New Orleans Athletic Club who played the ape parts in the 1918 Tarzan of the Apes movie?

Jack Hanna said...

A kinkajou isn't actually a monkey.

Christopher said...

Guess what. Gorillas, Orangutans and Chimps aren't monkeys either. Grow Up!

arch stanton said...

matthew broderick is certainly not the hottest vehicular manslaughterer out there, is he?
surely, there's another one out there who doesn't look like an elf married to a horse.

Christopher said...

I'd say that honor goes to Rebecca Gayheart, but Moesha star, Brandy is pretty hot too. I've never seen Prison break, but lane Garrison might be a nice one for the ladies. let's also not forget the first lady, Laura Bush. Of course, all of these people were just involved in car accidents that had traumatic results.

They each seem to have taken responsibility for their actions, and apparently were treated the way any common person would have been treated by the justice system. On the other hand we have someone like, Halle Berry. Although no one died in her case, she did flee the scene, and eventually turned herself in later only after she was categorically linked to the accident. Her charged was lowered to a misdemeanor from a felony and she walked away virtually unscathed.