Tuesday, August 1, 2006

042 - 80s - with Links!

Jump 'n the Saddle Bandl 1. Jump 'n the Saddle Band
I usually find gender stereotypes to be offensive. Especially the one about how all guys love the Three Stooges.

My own creation. Cheap earrings combining many aspects of my childhood; video games, shrinky dinks and hot pink.

Cobra 3. Cobra
How exactly did Cobra Commander get all those guy to fight with the G.I. Joes? Two words: Pyramid Scheme.

It looks like these guys got a video camera for Christmas. I'll bet this is one of those cameras that had to be connected to a 75 pound set top video recorder via a long coaxial cable.

Robot's Cube 5. Robot's Cube
My dad actually bought one of those books to learn the proper way to solve the Rubik's Cube. He stayed up late nights working on the thing. I can't remember if he ever solved it, maybe he should have built one of these robots.


1 comment:

arch stanton said...

i've been working on a boat on the ocean for the past couple of days.
this is the only site i have the strength to check out every day.
also, i knew a guy from the phillipines who was a rubik's cube solving champion.
also also, cobra's logo was WAY cooler than gi joe's.
you might say it's wicked awesome (if you're from boston.)