Friday, August 25, 2006

066 - with Links!

Urban Dictionary 1. Urban Dictionary
Of course Urban Dictionary has been well know for a long time, but I used it for the first time today in order to clarify my own personal definitions of Nerd, Dork, Geek and Dweeb. If that stuff is too old-school, you can always find something like Ghost Ride The Whip.

Here's a disproportionately well designed website showing you ways to make your own dry erase boards on a budget.

Ghost Monsters 3. Ghost Monsters
Researchers waste grant money by making crickets play Pac-Man. On a side note, if you search google images for pacman cricket the first result is a picture of Osama Bin Laden.

Stephen Wiltshire takes a single helicopter flight around Rome and then draws a huge panorama of the city to exacting detail. I like the way the British say Helicopter. It isn't in the video, but I also like the way they say binoculars.

1973 5. 1973
Nothing here other than a great picture of a gremlin.



rachel said...

well done, Chris. you managed to link to the only thing I want more than bird art- drawings of Chicago by a talented person with autism. Oliver Sacks did a nice profile of Stephen in one of his books.

Christopher said...

But what do you think about the way the British say binoculars.

rachel said...

you know that I love it. I co-opt it.