Wednesday, August 30, 2006

071 - with Links!

Burt Sienna 1. Burt Sienna
I don't love the western subject matter, but Don Marco does some incredibly detailed artwork using only crayons. I hope Crayola sponsors this guy.

For those of you left that still believe John Edward can really speak to the dead. Conmen and carnies have been doing cold reading for decades. Edward isn't even as good as those guys were. He relies on pre-interviews and eavesdropping for his "readings." Not to mention the huge amount of editing that goes into producing one of his shows.

Prankster 3. Prankster
Alan Abel made a career out of screwing around with the media. Unlike Ashton Kutcher, Abel's pranks always seem to have an underlying social commentary. Little is known about the actual man. His daughter filmed a documentary about her father, but it seems to be getting little attention. Please show it near me.

I'm a big enough nerd to actually want to try making a model of the Starship Enterprise using only a floppy disc. I'm not a big enough nerd to actually own a floppy disc, however.

Horse Breaks Leg of Ringo Starr's Wife 5. Horse Breaks Leg of Ringo Starr's Wife
Nothing here but a funny headline.


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