Friday, August 4, 2006

045 - Religion - with Links!

The Tring Tiles 1. The Tring Tiles
More gaps in the new testament get filled in by this ceramic tile comic strip discovered in a church in England. A young Jesus kills some kids and then brings them back to life. Later he turns some kids into pigs and then back into people again.

Top British comedian explains how God created Adam and Eve. Another nail in Darwin's evolutionary coffin.

There is No God 3. There is No God
Ukrainian man proves the non-existence of God in a very well thought out scientific study involving lions.

A fairly long article about the state of consumer culture in the American church. There's some oddly funny stuff in here even though it is pretty sad.

The Rapture 5. The Rapture
The main thing I learned from this educational film about the rapture is not to hire Christians because you never know when they might get called to heaven, leaving their work unfinished. And when the big day does come, who will take care of your unraptured pets.



rachel said...

I was raised to think that animals don't get into heaven, so the pet situation was a scary one growing up. now I think I should create a business that offers to care for the pets of raptured christians. doesn't it seem like that could be really lucrative? like, they pay $200 now, and I agree to take care of their pets when I am left on earth to deal with the antichrist and that whatnot?

Christopher said...

That business already exists. Take a look at the "unraptured pets" link in #5. It looks like a joke, but I'm sure there are people that think it is real.

You know I went to Catholic school K trough 8 and I never really heard about the rapture until those Left Behind books came out.
I also remeber going into the church a lot on super hot days because it was air conditioned, while the classrooms were not.

Actually I can't remember being taught much of anything about religion. I recall the story of Zachius who went up in a sycamore tree, but I could never really figure out the moral of that particular parable. The only other religious thing I can remember from grade school is actually pretty sacreligious. One of the nuns when talking about the story of Eden, suggested that the traslation of the original text was probably mistaken. She explained that the original words translated into "Adam" and "Eve" were meant to be "Man" and "Woman." Meaning the plural, Men and Women.

Christopher said...


rachel said...

we sang a song about zacchaeus.

zacchaeus was a wee little man, as wee as he could be.
he climbed up in a sycamore tree to see what he could see.
and jesus said, "zacchaeus, you come down. for I am coming to your house for tea."

or something like that.