Friday, August 18, 2006

059 - with Links!

Bob Thaves: Dead 1. Bob Thaves: Dead
Luckily, (at least for my dad, who loves Frank and Ernest) Bob's son, Tom, will be taking over the strip.

A state-by-state breakdown of the late night horror show hosts and the programs they present, including the one I grew up with, The Son of Svengoolie. See what public domain movies are being shown in your market.

Drug vs. Drug 3. Drug vs. Drug
A study from the U.K. reveals that ecstasy is far less dangerous than alcohol. Also take a look at how high tobacco ranks. Hmmm.

Seven hundred and nineteen people singing the praises of Tuscan Whole Milk.

What You Make It 5. What You Make It
The debut issue of a new online zine featuring interviews with artists and designers making waves in the DIY world. A nice, quirky interface as well.



Anonymous said...

i know this is no longer the forum for posting link suggestions, but this needs some explanation.
this is a "female emcee" from illinois with the most incredibly inane song about myspace i've ever heard.
the song should be the first to play when you visit the site but if not, it's called "myspace friend".

boingboing posted about that milk when there were only 200+ praise singers.
i still don't get it.
also, thanks for the svengoolie thing!

~Dawn said...

The milk link was great!

rachel said...

I love ~dawn's list of 100 things about herself!! what a fascinating combination of things to mention. it reads like a novel.