Thursday, August 17, 2006

058 - with Links!

James Van Allen: Dead 1. James Van Allen: Dead
Ever discover anything awesome in outer space? This guy did. His participation in the discovery of the radiation belts around the Earth was so great, they named them after him

Three Mexican fishermen discovered by a Taiwanese trawler after being adrift in the ocean for nearly a full year. I'm no geographer, but I'm sure Mexico has to be pretty far from Taiwan.

Friend or Foe? 3. Friend or Foe?
Even in 1953, the publishers of Modern Mechanix should have known this was ridiculous.

Either David Copperfield is setting the scene for an upcoming TV special, or he is (insert euphemism for insane here.) Take your pick.

Ephemera 5. Ephemera
I was going to pick just one post from Swapatorium to link to, but I spent a while there and decided the whole site is worth a look. My favorite parts: this 1920's sketchbook, and the cool Mad Magazine-esque font used for the page title.


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a witt said...

I heard that thing about Copperfield on Air America. I'm hoping for the sake of my long-extinguished since-he-got-rid-of-the-pageboy-and-now-his-hair-points-up childhood crush on him, that he's just setting up a future fantastic act of trickery.

Had Swapatorium on my blogroll until pretty recently. There's episodic bits posted from a girl's diary from the 70's on there, and it is riveting. Great site.

Speaking of, your site is great and it is on my favorites and I read it a lot!! I looked on my site and I have no link to it. Doh! Guess I've been linking to it out of my "Favorites" list. I will remedy this.