Saturday, August 26, 2006

067 - with Links!

DIY Metal Detector 1. DIY Metal Detector
Instructions on building your own BYO metal detector from scratch. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky success stories. Use your imagination to figure out what BYO stands for.

Photoset of tiny animals on the tips of fingers.

Factropolis 3. Factropolis
One incredibly random fact every single day with little or no background information.

Rana Kane keeps a dream journal. That isn't really all that interesting. What is interesting is the number of dreams concerning video game characters and Knight Rider.

Freakout 5. Freakout
Henri Faberge and the Adorables is a super, freakout, goodtime band from Canada with at least thirteen members. Sorry again about the myspace.



Rana Kane said...

I feel honored. Seriously. Thank you for featuring me! :) And it's so true. So many of my dreams involve Knight Rider, Legacy of Kain, Devil May Cry, Star Trek: DS9, Dungeons & Dragons, etc. I guess I have an active imagination. Or a...sleeping one? :) Thanks again!

arch stanton said...

i hqven't had any michael knight dreams but factropolis has a suspect "fact" up today.
i've looked and haven't found this particular Empire mistake listed anywhere else.
maybe i'm just not using the right search criteria.
i even tried looking at the link to right from the factropolis post.

Anonymous said...

arch - that moviemistakes site that factropolis linked to is missing a lot of the content that used to be on there. I've been reading it for years, and it used to be better. i heard lucas arts threatened to sue them or something. i gave up on the site - i used to be a fan, but i gave up because their info is so incompleat.

and that mistake IS in empire, but you gotta loo closely to see it. invite a star wars nerd over for a screening and have him show it to you.