Saturday, August 5, 2006

046 - with Links!

Frank and Louie 1. Frank and Louie
I've seen a lot of photos of two faced kittens but resisted posting them on here because I figured they all die after a few days of publicity. That seems sad to me and I'm trying to keep things upbeat. Then I found a video of this lady with a six year old two-facer.

Next Thursday, go see Ferris Bueller's Day Off in the fictional town Schermer, Illinois. If you aren't in the Chicagoland area, check out some of the other screening of the Rolling Roadshow.

Musical Goldmine 3. Musical Goldmine
This is an incredible collection of space age era songs all about the wonderful world of science. My favorite so far: Eohippus, the story of how evolution created the modern day horse, with a nice little epilogue letting us know that the process is still ongoing.

How to turn money into various objects just by carefully folding dollar bills. For a sweet gift, make this ring and put it inside this gift box.

Myspace Bandits IRL 5. Myspace Bandits IRL
OMG this is totally like 1 more bullet n my ongoing war against Myspace. LOL



arch stanton said...

as ricky gervais would attest, horses were made by god - not musicians.
also, what's the veiled racism behind toynbee?
for some reason i really like that pic of the girl with the gun.
how was that shot? fisheye?
i'm just now catching up on a lot of this past weeks posts since i've been working.
tray amusing.
did you see that boing boing posted the mike mignola cartoon about a week after you did?
they should defer to you on what's cool on the web.

Christopher said...

-Ricky Gervais uses sarcasm to stress a point which is actually opposite of the one he verbalizes.
-Apparently, some of the tiles have weird references to killing all Jew journalists.
-The lines on the wall behind her are straight so a fishlens is out. I'd guess it was just a lens with a deep depth of field.
-I don't look at Boing Boing. Should I?
-Did you realize that today's top five actually contained eleven links? Thats more than double the value.