Thursday, March 1, 2007

254 - Space-ish

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

1. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
The recent rash of space objects hurtling at the earth inspired Keith Hogan, a teacher in England, to teach his 230 students about the value of life by telling them an asteroid was about to hit us and kill everyone. His plan went haywire when the kids took him at his word and started seriously freaking out.

Don't Pucker Up Just Yet

2. Don't Pucker Up Just Yet
Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy seems to think we shouldn't be so worried about that kind of asteroid, certainly not the one headed our way in 2029 at least.

The Hutt

3. The Hutt
Like most people of my age, I have an interest in the Star Wars movies. These people, however, have taken that interest to the extreme. There is really way too much information on the Wookieepedia. Seriously, how much does the world need to know about The Hutt?

Lunar Real Estate

4. Lunar Real Estate
NASA recently began testing of a prototype inflatable building which will eventually become the basic habitat for our first base on the moon, a mission planned to begin sometime around 2020.


5. Eclipse
Finally today, a heads-up about the total lunar eclipse that will be happening this Saturday. If you are in the part of the world lucky enough to see it completely, get out there and take a look. Show it to some kids.



Anonymous said...

i'm going to make viewing the eclipse a mandatory assignment for my students!
this is another example of an uncanny coincidence - i just talked about eclipses with my kids today and i plan to teach them next week.

Christopher said...

It looks like only the slightest tip of the eastern United States will be able to view the entire eclipse. You aren't that far out are you? i think it will still be pretty bright here and I don't know how much we'll get to see. Probably should have moved to Africa.

That article actually has a really good explaination of what happens during an eclipse. Just make those kids read that.

rachel said...

are you kidding? were almost as far east as you can get and still be in the u.s.

do you even know where we live?

Christopher said...'07+TLE_l.jpg

If you look at the map, it seems like only a tiny, tiny bit of the edge of Canada is in the Entire Eclipse visible Zone.

arch stanton said...

thanks for the tip!
rachel and i watched the eclipse for quite a while last night.
if my kids didn't watch it, i'll flunk them.