Monday, March 19, 2007

272 - with Links!

Got It Bad

1. Got It Bad
The recent statutory rape trend popular among young female teachers has taken a tragic turn. When Eric McLean, husband of Erin McLean, a student teacher, heard rumors of a relationship between his wife and a student, he allegedly gunned down the 18 year old while he sat in his car. Mr. Mclean was handily captured and is waiting for his hearing on march 27th.

Vote Abductee

2. Vote Abductee
Instead of blaming her recent election loss on the fact that she believes that she was abducted by aliens, former recorder-treasurer of Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas is suing the mayor and police chief for somehow preventing her re-election. Place the blame on the citizens that refused to vote for your crazy ass, says the Judge presiding over the case.


3. Boomshine
There really is nothing to this game other than clicking your mouse randomly and waiting to see what happens. However the music, sound, color and simplicity of design all elevate it to the level of art.


4. Manhunt
A tip for those readers that might enjoy breaking into a home and having a wild party when the owner is not at home: If you would rather not get busted, don't take a shitload of photos of yourself in the act and forget to take your digital camera with you when you leave the scene of the crime.

Star Chart

5. Star Chart
I don't really know how this thing works, but it is pretty cool to play around with, and I'm sure that any amateur astronomer would be able to get some use out of it.


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