Saturday, March 31, 2007

284 - Mencia?

1. Mencia vs. Rogan

2. Mencia vs. Radio

3. Mencia vs. Kinison

4. Mencia vs. Cosby

5. Mencia?



Anonymous said...

Love the stereotypes in comedy and supposed art - music, movies, etc..Just LOVE 'em.

Yes, if a wall was built (and we all know it'll never be finished, nor does it really have to do with anything, because it barely exists)ONLY the Mexicans would be able to build it. Considering they are the best wall builders in the world. No one else on Earth could build a wall. Especially Whites or Blacks! They're far too lazy and don't want real jobs, right? And we all know Mexicans don't do anything but slave work. They don't have normal lives. All they'd ever do is build houses and fences and speak spanish because they're too dumb to do anything else, correct?

Who finds this kind of comedy funny and who buys into the fake fights comedians have ala pro wrestling?
Simpletons with too much time too much money and not a care in the world, that's who. You just don't see mr. average Joe Factory Worker going to comedy clubs after work.

Not a commentary on this page, just something that gets to me. I must repeat that. Not an attack on this page or the poster. I love this site actually. I'm just in RANT mode

Christopher said...

Well the debut episode of Mind of Mencia is reported to be the third-highest-rated series debut on Comedy Central after South park and Reno 911. It's second season averages 2.1 million viewers (55% higher than it's first season) and is the number one show in it's timeslot with 18-49 year olds. DVD sales have also been very high. While Joe Average might not go to comedy clubs, he certainly watches TV. So a lot of people apparently like this guy. People like a lot of lame shit, though.

Humor based on racial stereotypes can be good. Dave Chappelle's show often used stereotypes to point a finger at the hypocrisy of racism. In my opinion, his show elevated the comedy into something a little more important. The format of Mencia's show is clearly lifted from that of Chapelle's, Unfortunately Mencia isn't able to raise his comedy beyond the offensive. In fact, it becomes even more offensive if you believe the rumors that Mencia is not Mexican at all but Half German and half Honduran. Supposedly Carlos Mencia is not even his real name. His critics claim his name is really Ned Holness.

I'm not sure why you think this fight is a publicity stunt. It seems like there are a lot of comedians coming forward and claiming to have had material stolen from them by Mencia. For it to be wrestling fake, Mencia would have to be in on the stunt, and I don't see how he could possibly benefit from being called a hack and a thief.