Tuesday, March 13, 2007

266 - with Links!

30 Dead People

1. 30 Dead People
Neatorama runs down 30 of the most fascinating deaths in recorded history, including the drowning at a lifeguard party, Christine Chubbuck's live TV suicide, and the woman that electrocuted herself while demonstration how her sister had electrocuted herself.

Bob Spongee

2. Bob Spongee
Small press comic book self publisher, Troy Walker, is trying to get 1.6 million dollars out of Nickelodeon for stealing his idea for a talking sponge that lives in a "house concept." I know a lot of people that live in house concepts. Maybe I can sue all of them for stealling my house concept idea.

Catch 33

3. Catch 33
I like a game so simple that its instruction manual doubles as its title. Catch 33, it's as simple as that.

13 Things

4. 13 Things
The author of this piece on scientific mysteries seems to think the lack of understanding should be embarrassing to science. In fact, unanswered questions are the entire point of science.

Candy Jones

5. Candy Jones
Is it a true story of a government abusive use of power and brain washing, a sad tale of mental illness, or a fictional conspiracy theory concocted by opportunists? The world may never know.



arch stanton said...

only 99 left for a full year!
that neatorama piece was pretty rad.
i hope i make it into the history/trivia books when i die.

Anonymous said...

i think the bob spongee guy has a legitimate claim there.
asking for over a billion dollars and trying to (initially) act as his own lawyer makes be think that this guy will be getting zip.
you'd think he'd just want a million or something that he could 'retire' on.
what, does he want a gold-plated, live dodo bird?

as for the unanswered science questions...
i like to hear about what we still don't know.
that's IS what's exciting about science.
the size of the universe 'question' didn't seem like it belongs in the same catagory with these other mysteries though.
(if the universe is 14 billion years old and the diameter is 28 billion light years that seems to make sense - if everything 'banged' out from a center point 14 billion years ago then they SHOULD be 28 billion light years apart. 14+14=28.)

Christopher said...

If you look into the history of Spongebob, Stephen Hillenburg was apparently working on the character in 1987, three years earlier than Bob Spongee. The original idea was a more amorphously shaped sea sponge named Spongeboy. Nickelodeon executived prefered him to be a square kitchen sponge. They then found out the name Spongeboy was already a copywritten character in the Flaming Carrot comics.