Sunday, March 11, 2007

264 - Hot For Teacher

Emily Streb

1. Emily Streb
This has been an extremely active couple of weeks, as far as news about hot teachers getting busy with their students, Here we have Emily Streb, a not unattractive 23 year old music teacher, who had a "relationship" with a 16 year old that attended her class at a school for students with special needs.

Emily Willis

2. Emily Willis
A 28 year old math teacher was discovered topless in the back of her car with a 14 year old boy wearing nothing but boxer shorts. Oh yeah, this was at 2 A.M. Emily Willis looks to be a little chubby, but again, I wouldn't say she was ugly.

Marcia Amsterdam

3. Marcia Amsterdam
The details are pretty slim regarding what might have happened between 30 year old teacher, Marcia Amsterdam, and a 13 year old student. Her picture doesn't look so great, but I'd like to get a better look at her before making judgments on her appearance.

Paola Queen

4. Paola Queen
Not only did Canadian school teacher, Paola Queen, engage in relations with one of her students, she is now seven months pregnant, and we can only assume the boy is the father. Again, she looks pretty hot. You know, it might be refreshing to have a male teacher hook up with one of his young female students for a change. When was the last time you heard about that happening?

Allenna Williams Ward

5. Allenna Williams Ward
Of course the biggest story of recent days concerns Allenna Williams Ward, a 23 year old, who wasn't content with just one boy, she was spreading it around between several 14 and 15 year olds at her school. Do something with her hair and maybe put a little make-up on her and you've got yourself a real stunner.



arch stanton said...

this is brilliant.

as for the last time i heard about male teachers with kids...
if the show 'boston public' doesn't count, then i guess that would have to be in high school.
(i think one of the PE coaches was fired for it.)
i guess it's just not news that a dude would be a perv.

Christopher said...

I believe that story about the coach and his young girlfriend was a far south suburban legend. It is just like the story of the girls whose dad caught her having relations with her dog. Or that other one that had something to do with a frozen hotdog. Those stories aren't true. How could they be? What kind of dad would leak such potent information to the student body?

arch stanton said...

"far south" urban legend?
i'm sure that this happened to a coach at bbchs just after i moved to la.
i tried to look it up but i couldn't find it - but i'm not so good at searches and i give up quickly...

arch stanton said...

coach robinson?

rachel said...

I think you really hit the nail on the head here. if these women just worked out their rather minor cosmetic flaws, they would be well-adjusted members of society.