Thursday, March 8, 2007

261 - with Links!

The Varieties of Scientific Experience

1. The Varieties of Scientific Experience
If you had to pick a list of books you'd expect to see Kirsten Dunst reading while sitting on the beach wearing a bikini and smoking a cigarette, would anything by Carl Sagan be on that list?


2. Meteorite
Another big rock fell from the sky and smashed through a house. I recently saw a television program about searching for meteorites. It seems they are quite valuable. A meteorite that was actually witnessed as it hit, is worth even more. I hope it is worth enough to fix the damage and buy a new desk.

Red Tape in a Green World

3. Red Tape in a Green World
David Wetzel, a proponent of alternate energies, is being fined for using used vegetable oil to run his 1985 Volkswagen Golf. Some believe the fine is intended to make up for the loss of revenue from gasoline taxes. I think it is a basic bureaucratic error, caused because someone along the line doesn't understand the biodiesel concept.

Stupid Test

4. Stoopid Test
Here's a short test supposedly designed to tell you how stupid you are. It is a series of trick and basic logic questions. It turns out I'm only 4% stupid. I suspect I'm a little less stupid than that because I doubt they've updated the test since Pluto was deemed to be less than a planet.

Recipe for a Box Office Disaster

5. Recipe for Box Office Disaster
Making a movie about Charles Darwin, the developer of the concept of Natural Selection, will automatically cut from your audience all of those that think creationism is a sound theory. The lack of car chases, explosions, gun fights, naked women, and super heroes probably isn't going to help much either. I hope I'm wrong though, I'd love to see this movie.



Mike said...

I am 3% stupid, which means I am exactly as stupid as Chris Clark once he tells me that they think Pluto is still a planet.

scott said...

I think everyone who takes this stupid test is 100% stupid for taking a test with no answers at the end to find out why we are stupid. I did cheat and go back and change answers until my 4% became 0% but I still think grass is the right answer not alligator.

Cat is to Dog, as Snake is to ...

Just like I think the Mensa entrance exam should be if you have ever spend $24.99 on a Mensa book then you can't join.

arch stanton said...

i am zero percent stupid.
i only cheated on one question - i looked up perspicacity.