Sunday, March 4, 2007

257 - with Links!

Possession of Stolen Goods

1. Possession of Stolen Goods
A Norman Rockwell painting stolen from a gallery in 1973 and thought to be missing for the last 34 years turned out to be in Stephen Spielberg's art collection. As soon as he realized the painting was stolen, Spielberg informed the FBI's Art Crime Team.

So Easy A TV Executive Could Have Thought of It

2. So Easy A TV Executive Could Have Thought of It
I know a lot of people think that those Geico commercials are pretty funny, but are they really funny enough to support their own half hour sitcom. Time will tell.

Time Flies

3. Time Flies
Are you tired of wasting time in the long lines at your local post office? Well the USPS has taken steps toward making this wait feel shorter. They are removing the clocks from their offices, so that you won't be aware of how long you wait.

Ban Comic Sans

4. Ban Comic Sans
I usually don't really love the pretension of graphic designers and the derision they always express towards the world's favorite typefaces, but seriously, they are totally right this time.


5. Slots
Build your own slot car race track and then race against a computer.



Cassie said...

Comic Sans is my favorite font.

arch stanton said...

i guess i can be counted among those who are amused by those caveman commercials.
i will not, however, be watching any sitcoms based on them.
there - i'm not such a tasteless cretin after all!

arch stanton said...

i think rachel's signature font - tahoma - is a good one.
the only font that should be done away with is clearly wingdings though.
do people really think that a font will be banned?